Saint Patrick’s Party – Parade – Oben im Saal Theater – Bayerisch Irish Hoagaschst

Saint Patrick’s Day is Ireland’s Fasching and a day celebrated all around the world! The Irish have travelled to the 4 corners of the world for hundreds upon hundreds of years – even to Paindlkofen / Bayer.bach! Grüß Gott was introduced into Bayern from Irish monks  in 1072 in Ratisbon (Regensburg) from the Gaelic expression Dia Dhuit and the man we celebrate on the 17th March started the whole ball rolling. His name was Patricius, the son of a Roman senator and tax collector in Wales. He was kidnapped and sold a a slave in Ireland, escaped and returned back as a missionary to Ireland in the 5th century and changed the course of European history.

We will be celebrating Patrick and all the goodness of Ireland and ask for forgiveness for all the badness and God knows how much of that there is. We invite you all to celebrate love and peace and have a great time together!

We will celebrate beginning with a parade around Bayerbach, Königlich Bayerisches Amtsgericht Theater und Hoagascht “Oben im Saal” mit Bayrisch – Irish – International music!



Mar 16 - 17 2024


5:00 pm - 2:00 pm

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